Steve Yelland

The Guitar Tutor

Welcome to my website

Hello, I’m Steve Yelland and I’ve been a working musician for 50 years; playing and teaching guitar in a variety of venues and studios across the country. I’ve played and taught in a variety of different genres, including: rock, blues, country, folk, pop and more.

My lessons mainly focus on teaching Beginner and Intermediate guitar. Using a variety of teaching techniques, and applying my own experience, I hope to pass on invaluable knowledge that will help students grow, develop and achieve their musical aims and goals.

Guitar Lessons

Learning to play guitar should be an enjoyable experience and to that end there is no pressure put on my students. Everybody is different and as a result everybody learns differently. Each lesson is Tailored to the individual student and what it is they want to focus on.

Lessons can be done face to face or online which ever suits the student and normal lesson durations are between 30mins to 1 Hour.